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Welcome to Banana Countree!

The mind of one St. Lucian was the birth place of Banana CounTree. On an Afternoon sipping on a beer whilst eating a banana triggered a thought and Banana Beer came into being. It was from this simple experience one thing led to another and Banana CounTree was born. The Banana CounTree idea took “root” and started to grow with it the Banana Family sprouting new partners and members at its base. St. Lucia has a rich history around Bananas, and we have decided to pay tribute to our history and culture. In doing so we are providing a unique experience for both locals and visitors to visit our establishment. In keeping with our natural and unique theme we have incorporated recycling into our décor. We used steel drums to make most of our chairs and tables. Other tables and light fixtures are made from the insides of washing machine drums and PVC pipe. Not only are we paying tribute to nature and our agricultural heritage but also the preservation of such things.

Banana CounTree is positioned to be a unique player in the industry by helping to project the legacy, use and other cultural attributes of the Banana within its hospitality endeavors. Towards that end, we offer a variety of ‘green fig’ dishes and Banana based desserts in our menu. A unique Banana beer called “FIG” is a specialty item at our bar, as well as our homemade rum “Rum Banan”. The décor of our premises, indoor and outdoors, is adorned with plants of our traditional banana cultivars and some other species of the Musa family. We welcome you to be part of our Banana CounTree family.




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